Navigation conditions

The navigation conditions at the Port of Aabenraa are particularly good and the harbour can be sailed 24 hours a day. Approach takes place from Aabenraa Fjord via a 1000-metre long and 11-metre deep channel to the harbour. With water depths of up to 11 metres, both large and small vessels can call at the port – safely and efficiently.

Kort - besejlingsforhold (nyt)



The Port of Aabenraa’s location is 55⁰ 02’ 5N - 0⁰25’ 7E. The harbour consists of 3 basins (Nyhavn, Gammelhavn and Sydhavn), as well as a quay (Sønderjyllandskajen), Ro-Ro facilities and 2 tanker jetties.

Approach to the harbour takes place via a 1000-metre long channel. The largest bulk carriers that can navigate the Port of Aabenraa have a length of 250 metres and no width restrictions. Tankers can have a maximum length of 210 metres and no width restrictions, though max. 50,000 displacement TS. The highest permitted speed in the harbour basins is 4 knots.

Lighthouse of Sønderstrand is located South of Port of Aabenraa. The lighthouse has White, red and green lights with occlusions. The White sector leads through the Aabenraa fjord from Varnæs Hage. (Ses map above)


Nyhavn                                 6,5-9,3 m.
Gammelhavn                       7,5 m.
Sydhavn                                3,0 m.
Sønderjyllandskajen         11,0 m.
Ro-Ro terminal                   11,0 m.
Tank Jetty I                         11,0 m.
Tank Jetty II                          7,0 m.

Hight of tided

There is no noticeable difference in terms of tide levels. Strong north-easterly/easterly winds can result in high water of up to 1.5 metres, whilst strong south-westerly winds can result in low water of up to 1 metre.

Further information about the Port of Aabenraa can be found at Den Danske Havnelods.


The Port of Aabenraa has drawn up a handbook, Port Information and Safety Regulation, for tankers that call at the port.

In connection with the implementation of rules and regulations, the Port of Aabenraa has drawn up the attached handbook, Port Information and Safety Regulation, which contains information in connection with tankers calling at the port.


Port Information and Safety Regulations