The Port of Aabenraa is a vital nerve centre for transport

– locally, nationally and internationally.  

The Port of Aabenraa is a modern Danish commercial harbour and one of Denmark’s biggest harbours. We have approximately 500,000 m2 area at our disposal of which 70,000 m2 is quay, water depths of up to 11 metres, more than 2 km of quay, 20 metres of Ro-Ro berth and 2 tanker jetties. We have great capacity in terms of equipment, which includes 3 mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 240 tonnes when used in tandem.

The Port of Aabenraa’s central location in Southern Jutland and the short distance to the motorway, Padborg Transportcenter and Padborg Kombiterminal mean that the whole of Southern Jutland and the northern part of Germany can be covered from the Port of Aabenraa. We work closely with the region’s business community, and our experience, flexibility and level of service enable us to deal with every type of task.

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53FENSFJORD22-09-2017 : 11:30Docked23-09-2017 : 23:00
95SEAMULLET22-09-2017 : 12:00Estimated berth23-09-2017 : 23:00
11HELT23-09-2017 : 18:00Estimated berth25-09-2017 : 18:00
63VÄSTANVIK24-09-2017 : 11:00Estimated berth25-09-2017 : 05:00
73WALTER HAMMANN24-09-2017 : 18:00Estimated berth25-09-2017 : 18:00
11WIBEKE D28-09-2017 : 18:00Estimated berth29-09-2017 : 18:00
73FJORDVIK28-09-2017 : 19:00Estimated berth29-09-2017 : 09:00
11SANDNES29-09-2017 : 06:00Estimated berth29-09-2017 : 23:00
63FENSFJORD30-09-2017 : 06:00Estimated berth30-09-2017 : 23:00
111ROTRA MARE01-10-2017 : 06:00Estimated berth01-10-2017 : 23:00
11OSA02-10-2017 : 06:00Estimated berth02-10-2017 : 23:00
63MAUREEN S05-10-2017 : 06:00Estimated berth05-10-2017 : 23:00
11BULKNES07-10-2017 : 06:00Estimated berth08-10-2017 : 23:00
63MAUREEN S09-10-2017 : 06:00Estimated berth09-10-2017 : 23:00

Updated every 15 min.

BT: Brutto tonnage
LOA: Length over all
DW: Deadweight