Board, vision and mission

The board of the Port of Aabenraa:

The board is responsible for the management of the harbour in accordance with the provisions of applicable Danish legislation.
The town council has adopted the Articles of Association for the Port of Aabenraa, with guidelines as to how the management of the harbour is to be carried out by the board.

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Board Members:

Erwin Andresen
Aabenraa Havn


Erwin Andresen

Slesvigsk Parti
Tel +45 40 31 64 18

Niels Bergh-Hansen 1

Vice Chairman

Niels Bergh-Hansen

Tidl. Koncerndirektør, Dong Energy

Ole Ingrisch

Board Member

Ole Ingrisch

Theis Kylling Hommeltoft 1

Board Member

Theis Kylling Hommeltoft


Thomas Andresen 1

Board Member

Thomas Andresen


Lars Østergaard 1

Employee representative

Lars Østergaard

Aabenraa Havn

Arne Leyh Petersen

Board Member

Arne Leyh Petersen

Dansk Folkeparti

Poul Kristensen 1

Board Member

Poul Kristensen

Adm. direktør, AC Birk A/S

Henrik Thykjær 1

Port director

Henrik Thykjær

Aabenraa Havn

Aabenraa Havns vision og mission:


The Port of Aabenraa will be an important local, national and international transport hub that creates jobs and supports welfare and business in the local area.

Port of Aabenraa - for a better future


With a focus on sustainable development of the Port of Aabenraa, we promote access to sea transport and ensure an attractive framework for industry, thereby creating value and competitive advantages for our customers.