Port of Aabenraa Southern Jutland's only commercial port

- an important transportation hub locally, nationally and internationally.

The Port of Aabenraa is Southern Jutland's only commercial port and is indispensable for import and export of goods to and from Southern Jutland and Northern Germany. 76% of Denmark's total imports enter the country by sea. The Port of Aabenraa is a modern Danish commercial port and with a depth of 18 meters, it is the deepest port in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea.

The Port of Aabenraa is one of the most strategically important companies in Southern Jutland. The port is a multifunctional commercial port that can handle almost any type of cargo, but it is particularly specialized in handling bulk cargo such as aggregates, gravel, biomass, lime and pulp, as well as project cargo such as offshore wind turbine blades and other components for the wind turbine industry and the offshore sector.

The Port of Aabenraa is a municipal self-governing port (independent commercial company and no tax revenue) and has 750,000 m2, a water depth of up to 18 meters, more than 2 km of quays, a 20 meter Ro-Ro berth and 2 tanker bridges. We have a large capacity, including 3 mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 240 tons when lifting together.
The Port of Aabenraa's geographical location in central Southern Jutland and with a short distance to the highway, Padborg Transport Center and Padborg Kombiterminal, allows you to cover all of Southern Jutland and northern Germany from the Port of Aabenraa. We work closely with the region's businesses and our experience, flexibility and service means that we can solve all types of tasks.

Welcome to the Port of Aabenraa

Ship NameQuay NoStatusETAETDBroker Name
RIX EMERALD2I havn20-04-2024 : 16:0322-04-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
JAN V8I havn20-04-2024 : 07:4522-04-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
EEMS CARRIER8I havn21-04-2024 : 08:4022-04-2024 : 15:00Stema Shipping A/S
IMPERATOR5I havn21-04-2024 : 08:2021-04-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
MALTA CEMENT7Forventet21-04-2024 : 09:0022-04-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
HAGLAND CARRIER5Forventet23-04-2024 : 23:0024-04-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
ANNETTE1Forventet23-04-2024 : 06:0028-04-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
RIX EMERALD1Forventet25-04-2024 : 06:0025-04-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
RIX SPRING8Forventet25-04-2024 : 06:0026-04-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
AMADEUS AMETHIST7Forventet25-04-2024 : 06:0026-04-2024 : 18:00Stema Shipping A/S
BALTIC MERCHANT2Forventet29-04-2024 : 06:0030-04-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
KONGSDAL6Forventet29-04-2024 : 10:0030-04-2024 : 12:00SDK Shipping A/S - Aalborg
BELTNES1Forventet30-04-2024 : 07:0001-05-2024 : 18:00Stema Shipping A/S
ANNETTE1Forventet06-05-2024 : 06:0006-05-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
ANNETTE1Forventet20-05-2024 : 06:0020-05-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S
ANNETTE1Forventet03-06-2024 : 06:0003-06-2024 : 18:00SDK Shipping A/S

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